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Ballooning in Oregon

Hot Air Balloons -
a unique way to explore the beautiful scenery of Oregon. One can sail quietly over the farms, orchards and wineries of the Willamette Valley or view the scenery of Portland.
Hot air ballooning is one of the most unique and popular attractions in Oregon.

As you rise into the sky for a sunrise adventure, you will enjoy the silence of gently floating over Oregon while looking down on trees, beaches, farmland and vineyards. Hot air balloons float almost silently above the landscape - you'll see Oregon in a way that pedestrian travelers never do!



Hot Air Balloons

Portland Rose Hot Air Balloons
Portland - Portland Metro Region

Your flight adventure begins thirty minutes before dawn as the sunrise awakens the vineyards of Lake Oswego's premier winery. While preparing the balloon for flight, your pilot and crew will invite you to become involved with the inflation process. Be more than just a passenger. Your "hands on" experience will make you feel like a full-fledged balloonist.

Vista Balloons
Sherwood - Portland Metro Region

Imagine floating over Yamhill County's beautiful wine country in one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. Your hot air balloon adventure happens just 40 minutes South of downtown Portland in a safe, supportive and very fun environment. Different flight packages are available.

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Ballooing Events

Festival of Balloons
Held in June

The skies over Tigard are filled with rainbow-colored hot air balloons at this annual Allstate Festival of Balloons. Thousands of visitors come to watch the balloons take off, ride the ferris wheel at the carnival, munch on festival food, and enjoy the live music. The novelty and joy of seeing hot air balloons up close is a thrill for children and is another aspect of Tigard that makes it a unique and wonderful place to call home.

Cook Park
17005 SW 92nd Avenue
Tigard, OR

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