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The Columbia River Gorge
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The Gorge - an 80-mile stretche of land that forms the border between northern Oregon and southern Washington. Visitors and locals enjoy both the beauty and recreation this region has to offer.

The winds that whip through the Columbia River Gorge create ideal windsurfing conditions. The City of Hood River is a windsurfing hotspot with it's historic downtown with river view, the place to shop, dine and stay. Hood River is the home of The Columbia River Gorge Hotel, one of the worlds most glorious and romantic hotels with a world famous 5 course farm breakfast diners enjoy viewing the spectacular gorge from huge picture windows in the art filled dining room.

Hood River is also known for its Breweries, Wineries and Orchard's. It's fruit loop tour winds through the Hood River Valley, which produces, over 50% of the nations winter pears. Pippin Apple and Cherry Orchards abound and blackberries grow wild throughout Oregon. A ride on Mt. Hood Railroad will take travelers toward snowcapped Mt. Hood with views of Washington's Mt. Adams and lush green orchard valleys surrounded by forested mountains and streams. Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge, made famous in the movie "The Shining", provide the skiing destination for the area.

The Dalles Oregon was the ancient fishing grounds Native American people who first inhabited the Gorge, who fished it's rich Salmon runs. Fort The Dalles was the first Military Outpost. The Dalles was also a bustling port and was the home of the famous Seufert Cannery. Steamboats once paddled there way down the gorge complete with luxury accommodations and entertainment.

Today The Dalles is the home of the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, Wasco County Historical Museum. It is a center of geological study, with exhibits covering the history of the region and the journey of Lewis and Clarke. Throughout the Historic downtown, a series of murals tell the story of the native Americans, and early settlers. Historic homes extend block by block from the downtown near the river up the hillside to view homes above that look out over the river. Rolling hills filled with cherry orchards on the outskirts of The Dalles are framed with views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. - Premier listings for all of Oregon.
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